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7 Signs It’s Time to Sell your Car

Letting go of an old car can sometimes be hard. Cars hold sentimental value to us — it might be where we had our first kiss, watched our kids grow up or a connection to the past.

However, there comes a time when no matter how much you love your car, it’s time to sell it. When the check engine light constantly comes on or there are other red flags, it’s important to trade-in your old car before it has zero trade-in value.

Your old car should be used as a bridge between you and something new and exciting — like a new car. So, stop asking yourself “Should I sell my car,” because the answer is yes. Here are some of the signs it’s time to get rid of your old car:

  1. Your Car’s Check Engine Light is On — A lot

Does your check engine light ominously glow from the dashboard no matter how many times you’ve taken it to the mechanic? While this little, glowing light may be easy to ignore, it could lead to some big problems — and dollar signs — down the road.

According to Forbes, a check engine light could cost a car owner anywhere from $16 to over $2,000, depending on the repair and where they live.

So if your check engine light keeps going off, it may be better to call it quits instead of funneling more money into your old car.

  1. Your car no longer matches your lifestyle

Sure, convertibles and sports cars are cool, but there comes a point where that car may no longer meet your lifestyle.

Maybe your family has expanded, you’ve moved to a different city or simply need a change, either way a new car is probably the best solution.

If your car is no longer big enough for your family it may be time to upgrade to something safer, more reliable or with more room. Whatever the case may be, your car should cater to your life and needs.

  1. Repairs have become more expensive than the actual car

Once a car reaches a certain age, it’s value depreciates and you’re left investing money into something that isn’t worth it. Problems that come along with old cars, such as issues with the engine and transmission, can cost thousands of dollars to fix.

While this may seem like a quick, once one thing starts going wrong with your old car usually the rest follows. This is why it usually makes more economic sense to buy a new car instead of investing money in an old junker.

Save your money and put it towards that sports car you’ve always wanted or that new hybrid instead of wasting it on an old car with no value left.

  1. Your car no longer meets safety standards

If your car no longer meets safety standards then the wellbeing of you and your family may be more important than just driving around a piece of junk. Even if your car doesn’t seem that old, it may be behind on the latest safety design enhancements or even recalls.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, new vehicles are the safest on the road. The NHTSA also found that older model vehicles were involved in more fatal accidents than newer models.

Therefore, by keeping your old car on the road you may not only be putting you and your family in danger, but other drivers on the road as well. If your car isn’t new, it may probably isn’t the safest.

  1. There are car benefits out there you aren’t taking advantage of

While at first a new car may seem like a huge expense, it could end up saving you money in the long run. An old car can be a constant money pit, needing constant repairs and maintenance. On the other hand, many dealerships will offer free maintenance and long warranties.

So, in the long run you could end up spending just as much a month as you would on your old car. Plus, with a new car at least you get to enjoy it.  

Driving a new car also comes with the extra benefits of safety enhancements and a confidence boost. Invest in a new car that will not only make you feel better, but will keep you safe as well!

  1. Maintenance costs are costing you way too much for your car

Eventually all the trips to the mechanic, oil changes and other maintenance costs begin to add up. Before you know it you’re paying hundreds of dollars a month to keep your old car running.

At some point the maintenance fees you’re paying on your old vehicle just don’t make sense anymore. Another thing to consider is time is money. All the time you spent waiting for your car at the shop or driving to the dealership could have been spent doing something much more fun or productive.

If your old car is costing you an arm and a leg to maintenance, it may be time to switch to something newer and more cost effective.

  1. You feel like you’ve earned a new car

Maybe you just got a promotion at work or you simply want something fresh and new, either way you should reward yourself with a new car. Even though you and your old car may have been through a lot together, there comes a point where change is good.

Maybe your car was with your though a move to a new city or a break-up, but eventually after years together it’s time for an upgrade.

Trading in your old car can be a bitter-sweet feeling, but it only means you’re going to make newer and better memories with your new car!

Should you trade in your old car?

If any of those 7 points applied to you, then more than likely the answer is yes, you should sell your car. There comes a point where the answer to the daunting “Should I sell my car” question is obvious and the smartest decision you could make for your wallet.

So, what are you waiting for? Start the process of trading in your old car, contact us today!